Photo Details & Pricing:

All prints are numbered and signed by the artist on both the print and on the matt, if frammed. A numbered seal is also attached to the print and to the accompaning documention to gurantee authinticity.

Photos were taken with either a Canon 1Ds III, Canon 5DsR or, more recently, with a Sony A7R IV, A7R III, or an Infra Red modified Sony 6500. These cameras are matched with Canon Professional L lens or with Sony G Master lenses, that combine to produce unrivaled picture detail and color depth. Panorama prints are made from multiple individual pictures, typically 9 to over 100 shots, that are blended together to produce incredibly detailed gigapixel prints that can entertain viewers for hours in a "Where is Waldo" way.

Prints are made on an Epson P9000 StylusPro, a 44" wide professional Giclée printer with High Dynamic Range Archival Inks that have a life of over 150 years when properly displayed. Only the                   (Blue Hill Plaza Exhibition)
finest heavy weight papers are used, such as Canson Baryta, Epson Legacy Baryta & Exhibition Fiber,
Ilford's Galerie Gold Fiber Silk Baryta, Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta, Moab Slickrock Metallic, Epson Hot and Cold Press, and Epson Professional Canvas.                                                                                        

Framed prints are double matted with 4-ply museum quality archival rag mats with a 1/4" reveal. Canvas prints are also available and are stretched for framing or gallery wrapped for frameless display. (Prices for canvas printing and hand painted canvases are quoted separately.)

 The Framed & Matted print prices below, include black satin wood frames (1" x 1.25 or 1.75" deep, as shown in the picture on the top of this page). Ultra high quality reflection control Tru Vue® glass is used in framing to enhance the viewing experience with virtually no glare. Framing, matting and the archival techniques used insure print longevity.

For something even more dramatic, you can select the Face Mounting option as pictured below.  In this process, the Giclée print is permanently bonded to museum quality acrylic that gives the overall print a 3-dimensional look. I often use metallic paper for Face Mounting, which provides extra depth and pop. These pictures are truly spectacular. The print is then backed by Dibond, an aluminum clad thermo plastic, creating an impenetrable sandwich that provides stability and protects the print from moisture.

The prices listed are for nominal size Prints only -- Prints with Mats -- Matted and Framed prints: 

  • 12x18" prints = $275 -- with 19x24" double mat = $375 -- with 22x27" frame and finishing = $495
  • 16x24" prints = $375 -- with 23x30 double mat = $495 -- with 26x33 frame and finishing = $650
  • 25x34" prints = $495 -- with 32x40" double mat = $650 -- with 35x43" frame and finishing = $850
  • 33x54" prints = $1,850 -- with 40x60" double mat = $2,095 -- with 43x63" frame and finishing = $2,495
  • 33x62" prints = $1,895 -- with 40x68" double mat = $2,195 -- with 43x71" frame and finishing = $2,695
  • 30x40" - 32x45"  Face Mounted prints on Plexiglass = $2,495
  • 40x60" Face Mounted prints on Plexiglass = $4,250
  • 40x90" Face Mounted prints on Plexiglass (3-Panel Triptych) = $4,995
  •      (Note: Prices on select images may be higher.)

Purchasing instructions: Please send me an e-mail ( or use the shopping cart option on this web site. If you use the email option, please list the photo titles, desired sizes, mats, frames and quantities you would like to purchase. I will send you a return e-mail with a quotation and PayPal, Venmo, or mailing instructions. Your shipment will be made within two - three weeks of your payment clearing my bank. Shipping charges are extra and will be quoted after order receipt.

Facemounted Triptych ~40" x 90" Exhibited inbetween two of my framed prints at The Riverside Gallery in Paramus, NJ,  The unique detail these prints is really special, especially the Manhattan Triptych tha was painstakenly stitcied tigether from 51 - 42mp images to produce a gigapexel photograph of the finest detail. These three pieces also demonstrarte my attention to detail and workmanship in producing conversation pieces of art.

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