About the Artist...

 Malcolm Kahn is best known for his expansive panoramic city and landscape photographs that capture the extreme details of the scene and draw the viewer ever closer. His photographs are often gigapixel proportions, achieved by combining 50 or more photos to achieve unparalleled clarity. Malcolm is also a meticulous craftsman and personally prints, frames and even face mounts his own photographs onto acrylic to achieve his trademark quality and three-dimentional look.  His work is exhibited in several galleries around NJ. 

Malcolm thinks of himself as a man with two brains…his right brain enabling a successful career as a serial entrepreneur of high-tech companies and his left brain empowering his keen eye and creative style that helped him become a recognized photographer. Malcolm’s business career takes him all over the world, but he never leaves home without a full kit of camera equipment and always finds time to spend a few extra days in some exotic place. He actually started his working life as a teacher and that experience has extended to his photography. Malcolm co-hosts one of the largest photography Meetup groups in the US and leads groups on photo adventures around the world.  As a consummate teacher, he is uniquely qualified to help every level of photograpner achieve their own unique vision.

Malcolm lives in Hardyston, NJ with his first and only wife after 48 “glorious years.”  He has 3 children and 4 grandchildren and believes his true calling in life is to spoil his grandchildren as a means of taking revenge on his own children. Malcolm was born in Philadelphia and is a proud graduate of the Pennsylvania State University (proud when they have a winning football season, of course) and received an MBA from Fordham University.

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